The press release is certainly one of the most valuable tools when it comes to publicity, as it is the critical device for delivering the news about your company to the world. But, unfortunately, with the enormous amount of news that is generated every single day, there is absolutely no guarantee that your PR will get some media coverage – which is exactly why you need to make it interesting and thus newsworthy. But what if you’re not sure what you should make an announcement about? Let’s have a look at some important reasons for distributing a PR:
  • You have a new service or a product

Now, this is certainly something worth mentioning. A new product or a service is surely something that could make you and your company famous, especially if we’re talking about something revolutionary. In this case, make sure to include what it is, what is it offering, why is it important, and where and when will the people be able to get their hands on it.

  • You are starting a new business

This kind of a PR needs to be written like a news headline. In case you decided to start a whole new business or merge with another company, or just collaborate with it for a temporary amount of time, you should definitely make an announcement about it. People like to know about these kinds of things and a PR about your new business will definitely put you on the radar of many people.

  • You have formed a partnership

Getting into a partnership with another company is certainly something worth announcing. Here, you will have to focus on the following things – what does your partnership mean to the readers? Will it lead to a new product? Will it expand your service? Will it improve your company and its products & services in any way? Making this the emphasis of your PR is of the crucial importance.

  • You have reached a milestone

Depending on the industry in which your company is, there are certain milestones that you can reach through years of working. Some of them are, for example, serving the 100,000th customer or being in the business for a certain number of years. In this case, you should include the owner’s or CEO’s quote, talking about why this milestone is important and what will the reach of it bring to the customers.

  • You have received an award

Receiving an award, such as the “Best Workplace,” “Reader’s Choice,” or some other award that’s specific to your field of business, is undoubtedly important and exciting news. The story of this kind is bound to make the customers and clients, as well as the potential investors, know that your business is the one that they should select. In this case, make sure to say what this award will mean for the readers.

These were the most important reasons for making a press release, and there are many more of them – like presenting the research findings or announcing a special event. Whatever your case is, just make sure to make that your PR sounds attractive and professional!

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