Our Mission – What is Press Advisor All About?

As far as we’re concerned, the web press release industry has not changed ever since 1997, and it’s certainly the time for a change. Unfortunately, the face of the modern PR industry consists of resistance to this change, sluggish businesses, and the dominance of the large monopolies. The mainstream media is subjected to those who are wealthy and powerful, and we at Press Advisors want to change that – we want to “give the underdog his voice“. “And how are you going to do that?” – You might be wondering.

Well, our task is to create professional press releases that will give the companies of our clients the attention that they need, by distributing these press releases among the highly recognized media outlets that have large traffic and high authority.

The company was founded by Press Advisors team, who have been working online ever since 2004, and who has, over the years, assembled quite a robust amount of resources, as well as the necessary skills for the web development and promotion. With his knowledge and leadership, we’re unrivaled when it comes to getting someone “known” – we know how to create a recognizable brand, as well as how to save our clients lots of time and money.

When it comes to press releases, we can assure you that no one beats our professionalism and dedication with which we approach each PR – our affordable “Done-For-You” campaign is guaranteed to launch your company into the business sky and make it known to media, customers, as well as to the potential investors. It is our job to create a consumer trust and brand loyalty and make your website the go-to place for information about a certain field of business. We will distribute your PR to high-traffic media outlets and make you famous – and that won’t cost you thousands of dollars!

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