Announcing important news about your company through a professionally written and well-crafted press release is one of the best ways to make your company known to media, users, and the potential investors. But did you know that having a PR is also very important for your SEO? If you didn’t and would like learn more about that, read on – in this article, we’ll try to explain the connection between these two things.

The Importance of a PR

As we mentioned in the intro, this kind of tool can be incredibly useful – it is, essentially, a communicative tool which will let the customers get to know more about your business and your website. While the PR’s are communicating with the users in the first place, they are also communicating with the search engines. You probably see the connection now – this means that a PR needs to be written with SEO in mind, as that will surely help your website to be optimized, ranked, and viewed by the search engines.

Why should you write PR for SEO?

A well-written release will let you present all sorts of things to your customers, like news, changes, and events that are related to your company. And that is precisely why it should be written for SEO – most of these customers are using the Internet every day (it is their primary source of information), and creating a PR with SEO in mind will let the “spiders” of the search engines find and rank your website in a quick and easy way.

What are the benefits of a SEO press release?

Your website will surely benefit from having a PR that’s optimized for the search engines, and some of the benefits are:


  • It will provide exposure for your business
  • It’s a useful marketing tool
  • It will give your site a better visibility for the “spiders” of the search engines
  • It can introduce your product to new customers
  • It increases the number of backlinks from other sites
  • It increases your SE rankings

Writing a PR for SEO

When writing your press release with search engine optimization in mind, be careful about the following things:


  • Use keywords
  • Have a title
  • Have a summary
  • Have a body
  • Include what, who, when, where & how
  • Include contact info and info about your company
  • Include all the relevant links
  • Always write with the audience in mind


When you’re adapting and optimizing your website for the SEO, don’t forget to include a press release, even though that, admittedly, can be a truly daunting task. Underestimating the importance of SEO when it comes to this kind of tool can have some really bad consequences – you should definitely take some advantage of this service as soon as possible! We’re living in a modern era where almost everyone is using the Internet on a daily basis – if you want to push your company out there and finally become known by all the major media outlets, don’t forget to write your PR’s with SEO in mind, and you’ll get where you wanted much faster!

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