Even though we’re living in the age of inbound marketing, we can still safely say that the art of the press release is still quite alive and well. Actually, the current media release is functioning better than ever before – regardless of the field of business you’re in, a good PR can help your company to get the media coverage that it needs. A professionally written PR will help you reach the masses through the local and major media outlets, and finally get to be “known.” Let’s have a look at the 10 reasons that will allow you to see how beneficial a good press release can be to your company:

It is an excellent marketing and public relations tool

A press release that’s well-crafted and distributed in a careful way is certainly one of the best public relations tools in existence. It is particularly useful for the people who’d like their small business to grow, as well as for the startup companies. Remember – when you’re writing a PR, keep the goals in mind and share them with a wide audience.

It gives you the control over the story

Even though you probably know this, we still think that it is important to mention it – a well-written PR gives you the control over your own news. It will give you a special opportunity to articulate all those things that are important to you, explain the value of your product, and share your intentions and plans for the future.

The proactive reputation management

Not all of the media releases fall into that simple “announcement” category – some of them are, actually, quite different. Have you ever heard of a consumer alert release? This type of PR can help you mitigate crises by alerting the customers to a (possible) recall of the products, security breaches, and other things concerning safety. This is a very powerful tool and one that could potentially save you from really bad consequences.

It can improve your SEO

A well-written press release that’s viewed by many people will probably appear in the organic search, or, perhaps, appear in the Google’s “News” area. The reason behind this is the fact that SEO is everywhere today – it’s using not only your keywords but also your tags, links, citations, and image descriptions. Once its URL ranks, your PR could directly boost the search engine result pages of your company.

It can give you a social boost

You’re probably aware of how important the social networks are in today’s business world. But did you know that the press releases are quite popular on these networks? By using hashtags, the media outlets and the individual Internet users can easily spread the news of your specific announcement. Also, you can use your release as the point of interest for the future status updates and tweets.

It goes down on your permanent record

In the digital world, all the news always get to be stored and archived and then serve as sort of a digital record of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. If your social presence and the website are content driven, your PR’s will likely populate the blog, media, or the news sections of your own website.

It makes you an expert in your field of business

A professionally written and well-distributed release will easily make you an expert in the eyes of the customers and the media. This is really important as it can give you some further media coverage – whenever they need a professional comment that concerns your industry, you will get to be the one who the media will call.

It allows you to focus on the specific points

Unlike in the “old” days, the today’s releases can be written with the special tools such as the Cision’s PRWeb, allowing you to give some particular attention to things like keywords, tags, journalistic interests, filters, and more. Such tools will also let you specify the exact time at which you would like your announcement to be released into the world.

It lets you know what everyone thinks about you

Once released, your PR will let you know what the media and the customers are thinking about you, your company, and your products or services. And that is where the biggest risk of releasing such a statement is – it is possible to get a negative response, which certainly isn’t a good thing for your company’s reputation. This can be avoided by hiring the professionals to create a good press release for you.

It is something you always wanted to do!

Didn’t you always want to make a huge announcement and share something important to the world? Just imagine how great it is when you finally make a revolutionary product and announce it to media and the customers through a PR – such an action certainly raises one’s dopamine levels.

As you can see, the benefits of publishing a press release are numerous – you are now probably convinced to finally make one yourself. This kind of announcement, if done right, is certain to finally make your brand recognizable and to make you someone in today’s business. We at Press Advisors are always ready to increase your site’s traffic or to make your products and services famous – just give us a call!

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